Gensen Yuyado YUTORIAN (we worry about a space) of Kawaba-Onsen thatch

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  • Gate of a tenement house style
  • Open-air bath - buson*yu
  • betsukan*san - Yamabuki
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  • Gate of a tenement house style
  • Open-air bath - hiromeho*yu
  • betsukan*san - Yamabuki
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  • YUTORIAN wedding
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Thatched village which spreads out over rural district. Good old original scenery to think about at the time of endlessness of Japan.

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In quiet rural scenery of Kawaba-mura supported by the old history and culture

We can come across good old original scenery of Japan if we look around thatched roof spreading out all over the view…

YUTORIAN (we worry about a space) is Gensen Yuyado which recalls me to feeling (jikan) when nature and the history brought up.

Map in hall Observation deck Monorail betsukan*santobo re type betsukan*sansan* type betsukan*san restaurant village forest betsukan*san Main building white birch type Main building zelkova type ri*yu hiromeho*yu Party room Room of Pochi and puss Karada Oendan Honpo tenjitoko of the times buson*yu Counter Yutorikairo The Honjin entrance Gate of a tenement house style Restaurant relaxation bower Restaurant ease bower


As for the staying ridge, there are four of "nishiyama" "tashirosan" "we carry" "akakurayama" in betsukan*san to guide by monorail fitted with glass entirely which four and rural scenery of main building "Asama" of room of terrace & with open-air bath "Akagi" "hotaka" "komochi" can overlook.

Main building
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